Sunday, October 28, 2012

The New Journey

At 33 years old, after a failed 6 year marriage, 1 child,  a life time dedication to my spirituality and the earth I decided to jump off the bridge and head to Cosmetology School.  I had sworn off going back to school years before after studying Cultural Anthropology and World Religions.  This raised some eye brows by some of my friends who knew me as the one who rarely shaved, who wore her hair back in ponytails and used all organic soaps and body products.  Needless to say it wasn't what they all expected.  But they all knew I would be a success because of my creativity, interpersonal skills and passion.

Truth be told, it was something I had always thought about.  I had avoided doing it for a long time because I felt that beauty and the industry was not something that a free loving hippy would do.  It was also my mother's career and I could not be like my parents, I had to be on my "own path".  But the idea always was lurking in the back of my head.  At first, back in the college years, I would tell myself, "I wish I had a cosmetology license so that I could make more money with less hours while I attended school".  Then it was me cutting hair for my friends under the table.  I had learned the basics of hair cutting from my mother and my hippy friends, who didn't want a stylist to chop off massive amounts of their prized butt length hair, appreciated my services.  I also enjoyed manicuring and having "make-over" nights with my friends.   The moment the divorce was decided on, I started thinking of what I wanted my new life to be.  One of the things that came to me first was a change of career, since I was an owner and operator of an in home daycare.

I started doing the research and quickly decided that this was the career path for me.  I could see myself working in a spa environment and maybe even a salon.  I researched schools and enrolled in one to start just a few months down the road.  I have been in school for 2 months now and love what I am learning.  I not only have one of the highest averages in my class, but I am doing great work and get better by the day.  As I learn more and more, I find myself being drawn to certain aspects of the industry.  I want to focus on natural care and overall health and well being, while giving other's a chance to be as beautiful as they can be.  I also have the goal to be artistic while making others feel great about themselves.  So it is with this in mind that I start this blog.  I hope to offer others a chance at seeing Themselves and the World in the most beautiful ways possible.


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